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Theme Speakers: Rev Karen Mooney & Rev Pam Rumancik

Learn more about the 2019 theme speakers.

2019 Theme Speakers

Rev Karen Mooney & Rev Pam Rumancik Rev Pam Rumancik is a white, cis-gendered, queer, woman currently serving the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale, Il. Coming from working class roots, Pam has run a home childcare business, a restaurant in Estes Park, CO, spent a year as a food cart carnie at Bluegrass music festivals, and until attending seminary, was a house painter.

She’s passionate about finding ways to communicate across cultural and theological divides that honor the essential truth of each person without devolving to the lowest common denominator. She believes that we must live our vision of Beloved Community in the here and now even as we strive to bring that vision of justice and inclusion to the larger world. Pam is the mother of three amazing people, lives with Suki the cat, Theodora Parker the wonder-doodle, and her beloved wife, the Rev Karen Mooney.

Rev. Karen Mooney works with the Unitarian Universalist Prison Ministries of Illinois as they equip UU's to transform institutions and support people harmed by the prison industrial complex. She is honored to offer circles of care for those living in prisons and jails and walking in solidarity with all those affected by incarceration.

Karen is a life-long Unitarian Universalist who learned the art of church from her very involved parents She has been educated working and playing, listening and walking with people. She loves that UU communities are places where you find people who are alive and seeking throughout their lives. She has enjoyed the challenges and rewards of working as a chaplain, a congregational minister, a community minister and a corporate manager.

Both Pam and Karen enjoy long road trips, green spaces and time to explore. Pam is a writer, poet and new gardener who loves finding things to giggle about on a regular basis. Karen is an accomplished singer, songwriter, spiritual director, and the kind of person who brings laughter, a lively sense of the ridiculous, and vibrant curiosity with her wherever she goes. Together they celebrate both the gifts which abound and the opportunities to support others in this perplexing, confounding and joyful experience called life.