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Workshop List

This page contains a list of the workshops we had on offer in 2020, as an example of what might be available.

6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Wake Now, My Senses: Dawn Photo Walk

Led by Roger Easley / Days: W

Wake Now, My Senses: Dawn Photo Walk Led by Roger Easley Dawn is a magical time to take photos on the shores of our camp's lake. Will we have mist over the water, or golden reflections? We may see wildlife as we walk to the dam. No lecture, but the leader will answer questions. Bring your own camera.

10:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Yoga Flow

Led by Ruth Elliott / Days: MTuWThF

Ruth will lead a yoga class beginning with yin yoga poses,flowing through vinyasa poses, and finishing with stretching and seated or guided meditation. There will be music during class and a live crystal singing bowl to open and close the practice. Some yoga experience is suggested, but all are welcome to come and practice. Modifications and variations will be offered to make the class more accessible or more challenging depending on each student's needs and experience.

Tai Chi

Led by Nan Fox / Days: MTuWThF

Join us for an experience of moving meditation. We'll be working with Huang style Tai Chi, which is done to music. We'll incorporate Chi Gong warm-up exercises and poetry, which helps deepen our focus. Beginners and more advanced students are welcome.

Awesome Choir

Led by Pam Hinkle / Days: MTuWThF

Learn vocal and choral technique, sing a variety of quality music, provide musical support for Morning Celebration, and have fun! All experience levels and voice types welcome; participants choose their section to sing in (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). Note: Choir also meets at 8 am,Tu-F, prior to Morning Celebration.

Introduction to Primordial Sound Meditation and the Seven Principle Laws of Success

Led by Valarie Palacios / Days: MTuWThF

An opportunity to deepen and enliven any meditation practice. We will learn basic concepts of Primordial Sound Meditation and how it can benefit a person's life and enrich the soul. We will focus on each spiritual law and how to incorporate them into daily intentions. This class is designed for the first-time meditator, the advanced spiritualist, and everyone in between!

#LivingMyBestLife / Life Design

Led by Jamie Shepherd / Days: MWThF

Through exploration of purpose and meaning, Life Design empowers participants to maximize their potential and live their best lives. Going beyond passion to consider purpose, it helps participants explore how they can utilize their gifts and talents in service to something bigger than themselves. This workshop will be especially beneficial to Young Adults who are considering what major or career to pursue, but it is also a great opportunity for adults of all ages to re-focus on meaningful work.

Contra Dancing For Serious Fun and Community

Led by Ken Sharp and Laurel Spahn / Days: MTuWThF

Contra dancing has been thriving since the 1700s. The music is foot-tapping energetic, and a caller gives instructions during the dance. You and your partner interact with other dancers during a variety of moves and patterns. Participants generally can't stop smiling. No partner necessary for enrolling.

1:45 PM - 3:35 PM

Creative Photography Practice

Led by Roger Easley / Days: MWF

Stretch your skills as a photographer - bring your camera equipment and get practice capturing images you want to share -- such as setting up still life subjects, painting with light, posing people, and moving the camera intentionally for artistic effects.

Chant Sharing Circle

Led by Pauline Valvo / Days: MWF

Join us in this circle to share and learn new chants. These can be original or some of your favorites. If you did not write the chant(s) you will be sharing, please come prepared to share the author's name. While each circle will have an inspirational theme, feel free to share any chants you like. Printed words or music are not necessary; we will share chants by call and response.

Improv Jam

Led by Pamela Hermann / Days: MWF

Informal improv jam for anyone who has some basic improv experience at camp, school, or in their hometown. During this open session, you can share and learn improv games and exercises. Coffeehouse performance optional

Class Conscious: Class and Classism in UU Life

Led by Suzanne Zilber / Days: MWThF

Explore how socio-economic class influences our values, coping styles, and expectations about others. A combination of self reflection, small group sharing, large group discussion and videos will be provided. We will review how we can make our congregations and camp even more welcoming places for people of all social class backgrounds and prepare to take action against escalating economic inequality.

Sing, People, Sing!

Led by Guy Loftman / Days: MTuWThF

This 5-day Drop In Playshop is for people who love group singing. Participants are invited to bring songs to share with the group. We will provide plenty of copies of "Rise Up Singing" and "Rise Again", the Pete Seeger-inspired sourcebooks for over 2400 songs. Instrument players very welcome!

Sailing Intro: the Closest You Can Come to Being a Bird

Led by Carole Womeldorf / Days: MTuWThF

Sailing is a wonderful activity: part technical, part physical & part nature. It's a bit of adventure combined with the grace of flying on the water. Don't let fear of flying hold you back! With practice you'll learn to connect yourself to the sails & the wind. Join us for a new adventure. We'll start on land with some explanations, laughs, and (as the weather allows) lots of hands on water & wind experience on stable Hobie Bravos hosted by the Y. Beginners welcome. Come learn to fly with us!

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Native Plants

Led by Ann Kamman / Days: TuTh

This topic is inspired by Doug Tallamy's book, Bringing Nature Home. He encourages us all to "go native" meaning get rid of invasive plants in our yards and increase the native plantings within our control. We'll look at several states' native plant societies and how they can help you with identification and acquisition. We'll look at plant apps for your phone. As we share experiences, we'll learn a lot and be able to spread the native word in our home communities. I'm encouraging participants to reach out to neighbors to spark action groups of neighbors, neighborhoods, and towns and counties.

Crafting Catchall- Any Project Goes!

Led by Barbara Robinson / Days: MWF

Bring your current crafting project or come learn a new one. Knitting, crocheting, coloring - whatever you do or want to do. We'll share ideas - and, of course, have a great time being together. Bring supplies you might need - or if you have an endless stash of supplies, bring some extras to share. If you have simple projects, bring copies of instructions to share with other MUUSAns! Meet and share time with old and new friends as you work on your projects. Or learn something new.


Led by Kathy Salzano and Juliana Salzano / Days: MWF

In addition to being fun and entertaining, learning to juggle is great for the mind and body. Juggling improves eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and physical fitness for both children and adults. We will play with scarves, bags, and more at Geneva Square, too. Materials will be provided and available for purchase. Beginners and continuing jugglers, welcome!

7:00 PM - 8:50 PM

Beer Appreciation

Led by Nate Warner / Days: MWF

In recent years, beer has widely become recognized as being really worth appreciating, at least to those who've given it a whirl. Let's spend a few nights learning a bit more about nuances that make a beer really great. Bring $15 or a six-pack of beer!

Community Sing!

Led by Pam Hinkle / Days: TuTh

Release the joyous voice inside you, even if you think you can't sing. Don't read music? Great, we don't use any! This workshop is for EVERYONE—new and veteran singers—and all ages. Drop in for one session or both. Fun is guaranteed!