Workshop List

6:30 AM - 7:30 AM

  • Workshop Full

    Gentle Flow Yoga

    Led by Pam Dempsey

    This slow-moving yoga sequence is designed to be relaxing and rejuvenating (Not a cardio class or ‘workout'). Participants should bring a towel and a mat. All skill levels welcome, and beginners are especially encouraged to join. Days: MTuWThF

  • Unlimited Enrollment

    Dawn Photo Walk

    Led by Roger Easley

    Sunrise is a magical time to be outside at camp, especially with your camera. Will there be golden reflections on the lake, or cool mist? Perhaps some geese? We will walk along the waterfront up to the dam. No lecture, but leader can answer photo related questions. This workshop will be offered from 6:00-7:00am. Days: W

10:00 AM - 11:50 AM

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    Awesome Choir

    Led by Pam Hinkle

    Learn vocal and choral technique, sing a variety of quality music, support the Tuesday-Friday Morning Celebration, and have fun! Choir also rehearses from 8:00-8:30am, Tuesday through Friday. Days: MTuWThF

  • Open For Enrollment

    Photography for Everyone

    Led by Roger Easley

    Today's cameras and smart phones allow us to take lots of photos and see the results immediately. Confused by your camera? Wish your photos were more shareable? No matter how you take pictures, you can learn how to get better results. We will practice changing camera settings and posing people. Days: MTuWThF

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    Yoga Flow

    Led by Ruth Elliott

    Ruth will lead a yoga class begining with yin yoga poses,flowing through vinyasa poses, and finishing with stretching and seated or guided meditation. There will be music during class and a live crystal singing bowl to open and close the practice. Some yoga experience is suggested, but all are welcome to come and practice. Modifications and variations will be offered to make the class more accessible or more challenging depending on each student's needs and experience. Days: MTuWThF

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    Tai Chi

    Led by Nan Fox

    Come join us for this beautiful and relaxing form of moving meditation. We will incorporate Chi Gong warm-up exercises, music, and poetry. Experience is helpful, but beginners can be accomodated as well. Transportation will be available to and from the workshop. Days: MTuWThF

  • Open For Enrollment

    A Prayer for You and the Universe

    Led by Eric Hinkle

    We will explore various prayer traditions. Exploration will become action by creating prayers for ourselves and the universe. A portion of each session will be set aside for silent prayer to our individual concept of the great mystery. Days: MTuWThF

  • Open For Enrollment

    Chaplain Training for Youth and Young Adults

    Led by Ruth Hinkle and Aletha Hinkle

    Get the skills you need to support your peers during this intimate week of camp. Participants will learn how to offer spiritual and emotional resources to suffering individuals and communities. This training qualifies participants to serve as a youth or young adult chaplain at UU youth conferences. Days: MTuWThF

  • Open For Enrollment

    Making a Packing Tape Drum

    Led by Nicole Nichols

    Ever wanted to make your own drum? Join us as we makedrums out of some simple materials - wood and packing tape.We will make and decorate our drum in one session. Please bring your own hammer - other supplies provided. Days: M

  • Open For Enrollment

    Coloring for Active Meditation

    Led by Nicole Nichols

    Back by popular demand! Come spend some time coloring with friends. Repetitive motions such as coloring can help reinforce your focus and shift your attention to a relaxed state. No artistic skills needed to relieve stress! Materials will be provided - just bring your own sense of fun! Days: WF

  • Open For Enrollment

    Essential Oil Make and Take

    Led by Nicole Nichols

    Ever wanted to learn about essential oil? Essential oils can be a safe, natural option to protect and maintain your family's health. Come make and take some everyday use products using essential oils. DAY 1: Make essential oil bath salts or sugar scrubs. DAY 2: Make essential oil roller ball remedies or sprays. Days: TuTh

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    Contra Dancing

    Led by Ken Sharp and Laurel Spahn

    Contra dancing is social interaction, meeting old friends and making new ones, set to music that can be lively or gentle. A caller provides a ‘walk through’ practice before the dance and gives instructions during the dance. Dancers of all levels of experience and ability are welcome; they generally wear large smiles during the dances. Days: MTuWThF

1:45 PM - 3:35 PM

  • Open For Enrollment

    Beginning Drawing with Mixed Media

    Led by Becky Bartow

    In this workshop, we will work on a variety of drawing techniques and visual awareness. We will use mixed medias including pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, marker, pen and ink, or anything else you want to bring along. We will work on a still life, landscape (preferably outdoors), portrait, etc. Bring photos for reference or to paint from. Days: MTuWThF

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    NOT Trivia BUT A Game of Things You Want to Know

    Led by Pam Carlson

    Maybe I had the measles and missed learning so many of the things I wish I knew. Or maybe I didn't care so much when I was in school, or maybe I just don't remember. Any which way, if you enjoy learning as much as I do, join the fun and catch up! In a combination game of Trivia and Jeopardy, we team up to refresh our memories, test our knowledge and, learn new things while we laugh, groan, and get to know each other. Days: MWF

  • Filling Fast!

    Book Discussion of Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

    Led by Libby Christianson and Pat Miller

    Have you thought about how you will handle a health crisis for either yourself or a loved one? Join Pat Miller and Libby Christianson for an exploration of the best selling book, Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. We'll use the book to enlighten as we change the way we think about illness, healthcare, aging, and end of life choices. Workshop partipants should read the book prior to camp, and come to participate in some great discussions! Days: TuTh

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    Singing the Folk Tradition

    Led by Steve Krahnke

    Participants will sing and study folk songs including Woody Guthrie, Huddie Ledbetter, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Malvina Reynolds, Florence Reese and more. Experienced players and singers are welcome, as are those with no experience a all! We hope to perform a ‘set’ of folk songs at a Coffeehouse. Days: MTuWThF

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    Making Your Mark: A Fabric Journey

    Led by Stephanie Robertson

    Students in this class are invited to explore dyes and pigments to decorate cloth. Techniques may include simple silk screen, silk painting, batik, and indigo. Students will explore methods and materials. All levels welcome. Lab fee pays for dyes, wax and auxiliaries, as well as the space for the workshop. Students will need to bring their own fabric and other supplies. Days: MTuWThF

  • Workshop Full

    Introductory Swing Dance

    Led by Lawrence Lile and Qhyrrae Michaelieu

    Want to learn how to swing dance? We will teach you starting with the very basics and moving onto some nifty moves. You are encouraged to bring a Partner, but it is NOT required. Days: MTuWThF

  • Open For Enrollment

    U Poet U

    Led by Carol Marks

    Join genuine published poet Carol Hill Marks for three sessions of creative writing, focusing on a variety of poetic forms and techniques to help you get your writing flowing. The poetry of several contemporary and old-time poets will be shared, and we'll write our own poems during the workshop. Carol will encourage you to read aloud what you have written but will not require it. Bring your preferred writing implement and your imagination. A notebook for each participant will be provided. Recommended reading: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, and anything by Billy Collins. Days: MWF

  • Open For Enrollment


    Led by David Mast

    In this workshop we will study the personality typing system called the Enneagram, with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and how our personalities shape our interactions with family and friends. Experience with the Enneagram would be useful, but beginners are welcome. Days: MTuWThF

  • Open For Enrollment

    Polyamory and Ethical Non-Monogamy

    Led by Kevin Nahm

    Are you curious about polyamory, open relationships, and ethical non-monogamy? This workshop will explain these topics and create a safe space for deeper discussions. Days: TuTh

  • Workshop Full

    Improv for Everyone

    Led by Thomas Robertson

    An introductory level workshop covering the basics of short-form improv, including the ‘Yes, and’ principle, character development, how to start a scene, what to do when you get ‘stuck,' and finding your performance voice. New games make it interesting for returning participants; no prior performing experience needed. Depending on interest, the class may perform at evening Coffeehouse. Days: MTuWThF

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

  • Filling Fast!

    Queer Allyship in Action

    Led by Taylor Paglisotti

    This workshop will focus on allyship for people who identify as queer people of color, bisexual, pansexual, intersex, asexual, aromantic, andpolyamorous. We will practice allyship in everyday conversation using actvities based on real stories from Queer individuals. Participants will leave ready to challenge discriminatory language and policies at church, at work, and with family. Content will not overlap with Transgender Allyship in Action. (Feel free to take both!) Days: Tu

  • Filling Fast!

    Trans Allyship in Action

    Led by Taylor Paglisotti

    This workshop will focus on allyship for transgender people, especially trans people of color, and nonbinary trans people . We will practice allyship in everyday conversation using actvities based on real stories from Trans individuals. Participants will leave ready to challenge discriminatory language and policies at church, at work, and with family. Content will not overlap with Queer Allyship in Action. (Feel free to take both!) Days: M

  • Open For Enrollment

    Intro to Zumba Fitness

    Led by Megan Barry-Luglio

    Learn the basic steps of Zumba Fitness and then jump right into a fun workout. Zumba is a dance-based workout with a combination of Latin, world and pop music. Days: MW

  • Open For Enrollment

    Beach Reads

    Led by Leah Krippner

    A dirty little secret: more than half of YA titles published in this country are purchased by adults for their own reading pleasure. And they are delicious. Leah Krippner will highlight YA and Crossover titles to awe and inspire. Copies will be available so you can get started right away. Days: M

  • Filling Fast!

    Class Conscious Potluck

    Led by Suzanne Zilber

    This one day workshop will include sharing personal stories, readings or movie recommendations with others concerned about social class issues in America and our UU Association. We'll bring up sticky issue struggles, too. Suzanne will do a brief review on basic concepts for those who have not participated in prior workshops. Days: M

  • Open For Enrollment

    Creating Your Parting Gift

    Led by Rebecca Pace

    Have you ever been asked to water a relative’s plants whenthey were on vacation? Did they leave instructions? But what if that relative was never coming home again? This workshop will help you make the task of taking care of your things easier--important things, like bank accounts and insurance, and complicated things, like Aunt Margaret’s china and Grandmother’s quilt. Days: MTu

  • Open For Enrollment

    Zen Introduction and Practice

    Led by Byran Bartow

    Have you been curious about meditation and Zen? Do you want to include sitting and Zen practice in your MUUSA experience? We will sit and chant, explore Dharma using Zen Mondo, and share the path for the week. No Zen or other meditation practice experience is required, although experienced practitioners are welcome. Chairs will be available. Bring your own zabuton, zafu, bench or other sitting gear if you have these. Days: MTuWThF

7:00 PM - 8:50 PM

  • Workshop Full

    Beer Appreciation

    Led by Nate Warner

    In recent years, beer has widely become recognized as being really worth appreciating, at least to those who've given it a whirl. Let's spend a few nights learning a bit more about nuances that make a beer really great. Days: MWF